Shri. Govind Raghunath Kshirsagar
Vice Chairman

He is on the Directors’ Board of the Cosmos Co Op Bank Ltd since 1994. He was vice-chairman in the year 1996-97 & 2004-05.

Apart from banking, he was Chairman of ‘the Journalist & Non-journalist’s Association’ of very popular newspaper in Maharashtra – “Daily Sakal” for consecutive 30 years. He also holds the chair of Maharashtra Newspaper Trade Union & was worked as vice-chairman of All India Newspaper Employees Union. He is consultant of organizations like – ‘Sakal Press Employees Credit Society’, SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) – Workers’ Credit Societies & Unions.

He was nominated by Indian Govt., on the panel of cultural programmes for tour to Soviet Russia,where he visited various social, cultural, educational & industrial organizations. He was selected by World Trade Union, a worldwide labour association, to visit countries like England, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holand etc. in Europe to study newspaper & labour movement. He visited France with France Mitra Mandal.

He achieved a popular award of Maharashtra State – “Excellent Labour Award”, “Shramagaurav” award, and “Shramabhushan” award. Pune Municipal Corporation honored him for excellent work in city’s growth & for outstanding work in Blood Donation Camps.

He was the Chairman of an organization – “Susanwad” which work mainly in the field of Art & Civilization. He is the member of Sakal Relief Fund.He has formed labor consultancy in the name of “Kshirsagar Associate”.