Adv. Jayant Balkrishna Shaligram

Adv. Shaligram is a renowned labour law practitioner. He is born & brought up in lawyer’s family from Pune. He is well known in Maharashtra for handling various cases even in the Supreme Court and that too in his young age. He is qualified Management consultant, having expertise in handling takeover & mergers (employment related issues). He is in this field for more than 25 years.

In the professional capacity he is handling important matters for his large client base which includes Govt. & semi-Govt. organizations as well as private & public sector organizations also.

His number of research papers are published in various labour law journals. He also delivers lectures in various seminars & symposiums.

He is advising State Govt. on various labour & employment related matters & issues. He is associated with various organizations as member of Managing Committee. His strategic & legal advise helps various organizations in improving their standard & management.

Adv. Shaligram is elected as Director of the Cosmos Bank in Jan.2010. He is the 2nd generation Director on the Cosmos Bank as his father was also the ex-chairman of the Bank.