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Attractive Features of Loan Scheme for SHG/JLG
No stamp duty
Stamp Duty Exempted from this scheme
Morotarium Period
Need based moratorium period
Minimum margin
No margin is required considering that the eligibility of loan is depending on the saving amount of the SHG . For JLG- margin is not required for for loans upto Rs.50000/- each member . Above Rs.50000/- of each member of JLG ,10 % margin in Bank's favour will be required.

The roadmap to success for SHG/JLG

Sometimes all you need is a small credit to start making huge debits. For any productive / income generating purpose as per credit policy SHG/JLG can avail this loan to start making progress.

SHGs are small groups- formal or informal, of individuals promoting saving habit among members. These savings are then lent by the group to the members for income generating purpose, and to provide financial support to the member in need. This group has to maintain proper accounts and records at all times, JLG is an informal group of individuals coming together for the purpose of availing a bank loan either singly or through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee in order to engage in similar type of economic activities.

Loan Highlights
  • Loan Limit
    In case of SHG - Maximum loan limit shall not be exceed 4 times of the saving of the group accumulated from formation of group to till date (a/c operation of group must be minimum 6 months in Bank)
    In case of JLG - Maximum up to Rs.1,00,000/- per member of the group.
  • Rate of Interest
    SHG – 11.50 %
    JLG – 24.00 %
  • Time of Disbursement
    All receipt of all required documents within 2 days
  • Repayment Period
    1-3 years on the merits of the proposal.
  • Prepayment Charges
Process Charges
  • SHG – 0.10 % + GST of loan amount
  • JLG – 1.00 % + GST of loan amount
Foreclosure Charges
  • Nil
  • The applicant Group shall become a regular or nominal member of the Bank Lending shall be done directly to SHG/ JLG and not through intermediaries
  • Insurance:The insurance cover under Group Suraksha (Group Credit Protection Plan) may be offered to the members of the group availing the loan.
Documents Required
  • Contact Financial Inclusion Cell on 020-24409212/216 /209/264/211 for further details.

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Ideal for people
  • any productive / income generating purpose as per credit policy
Good to Know
  • Security: For Self Help Groups, the security requirenment shall be based on the amount of loan. Personal guarantee of Self Help Group members & asset to be created will be the security for loan upto amount of Rs.5 lacs and below. The security requirement will be applicable for loans above Rs.5 lacs.
  • Membership Share/ Linking: Membership will be applicable.

    The membership will be in the name of group members jointly as per By-Laws of the bank.

    The first member will have voting rights.

    All Group members shall become Nominal Members of the Bank.
  • Savings Account: All the members of SHG /JHG shall open savings account with the bank complying all the KYC norms and route all transactions through the same savings account
  • End Use of Funds: Depending upon the purpose of the loan, Declaration / documents of the borrower or the whole group is required
  • Agreement and Processing Fee: For charges, Click Here
  • Guarantors: All the members in the group will be guarantors
  • Other Details: Joint membership should be given to the group

    Voting rights should be given to the first member of the group.

    NO STAMP DUTY - Exempt as per Govt.GR for SHGs. For JLG stamp duty requirement will be as per policy.
  • Form: Form Available on Online Form Centre