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Positive Pay System for Cheque’s

An extra step for your safety

The RBI has created an important automated cash-management tool that financial institutions may utilize to improve the security and safety of cheque-based transactions. This system is specially designed to detect fraudulent activities. At Cosmos, we use positive pay to match the cheque a company issues with those it presents for payment. We do this by matching specific information related to the cheque presented for clearing, like the cheque number, cheque date, payee name, account number, amount, and other details against a list of cheque’s previously authorized and issued by you. This system acts as a form of insurance against fraud, losses, and your other liabilities in the bank.

Advantage: -

  • Positive Pay enhances the visibility of cheque activity, allowing for greater control over business finances.
  • The system allows businesses to automate account payable workflows, minimize disruptions of operations, and simplify account reconciliation.
  • Thanks to modern technology, business leaders can view exceptions and decide whether to pay or return them from any device that connects to the Internet.

Special Features

  • Positive pay is a fraud-prevention system offered by most commercial banks to companies to protect them against forged, altered, and counterfeit cheques.
  • Counterfeit cheques are often created and cashed by identity thieves and fraudsters, and such cheques might be cashed.
  • Companies usually provide a list to the bank of the cheque number, dollar amount, and account number of each cheque.
  • The bank compares the list to the actual cheques, flags any that do not match, and notifies the company.
  • The company then tells the bank whether to cash the cheque and the banking officials will do what the company requests of them.


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