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At Cosmos Bank, we are committed to helping you meet all your banking needs to the best of our ability. You can access internet banking portal of our website at any hour of the day. There are no fixed timings to use the facilities. Moreover, enjoy the luxury of getting all the work accomplished at the comfort of your home or office, at any hour that is preferable for you


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Transfer funds on real time basis!

A robust payment system specially designed to economically enable you to transfer your funds to the beneficiary’s account in the real-time offering, a secure and instant 24´7 interbank electronic fund transfer at your service. You can access these services across multiple channels through, IM Banking [or CosmoNet] via Mobile or Computer throughout the year including, Sundays and Bank holidays.

Special Features

  • Multiple transfer input options to choose from for initiating transactions, such as Mobile no.&MMID or Account no.&IFSC.
  • Options for IMPS Payment:
    IMPS Payment Options are available in 2 Modes mentioned below:-
  • a. P2P (Person to Person) using seven-digit MMID.
  • b. P2A (Person toAccount) using account number & IFSC Code.
  • Currently, ourBank provides this service in both P2P and P2A modes through Mobile banking and Internet banking channels only,( delete comma and add fullstop)
  • To transfer funds using Account & IFSC, it is necessary to register beneficiaries through one of the channels.
  • Customers can only transfer the funds once the beneficiary account is successfully registered & activated.

How to transfer money through IMPS: -

  • Log into your account on
  • After the beneficiary details have been entered, provide the beneficiary's account number, account type, IFSC Code, name, and contact information.
  • Go to Fund Transfer and then select the beneficiary to whom you want to transfer funds.
  • When the beneficiary's account information appears,
  • Fill in the Amount and Remarks fields (optional).
    After you confirm the payment, your fund will be transferred quickly by IMPS.

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