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Attractive Features of Cosmo Merchant Scheme
Loan Type
Working Capital
Scheme Available For
Individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Registered Partnership firms, Pvt. Ltd. Co., LLP.
9.00% to @9.50%

Business – Loan

The scheme aims at providing financial support for the working capital needs of small entrepreneurs.
Loan Highlights
  • Loan Limit
    Above Rs. 5.00 lacs to Rs. 50.00 lacs
  • Rate of Interest
    @ 9.00% p.a with “A”Rating
    @ 9.25% p.a. with “B” Rating
    @ 9.50% p.a. with “C” Rating
  • Time of Disbursement
    15 Days
  • Repayment Period
    On demand. Renewable with necessary documents within 12 months.
  • Prepayment Charges
  • Process charges
    0.30 % for New Proposal
    0.20 % As it is Review.
Foreclosure Charges
  • Within 12 months- 3%,
  • After 12 months but before 24
    months- 2%
  • After 24 months-1%
  • The applicant can be Individuals, Proprietorship Firm, Registered Partnership firm, Pvt. Ltd. Co., LLP.
  • The applicant should become a regular member or nominal member of the Bank in case of no membership.
  • Eligibility on the basis of advances –
    a) 20% of last year Gross Turnover for Trader.
    b) TOD will not be permitted under this scheme.
  • Insurance
  • Membership
Documents Required

For Loans Above Rs. 5.00 lacs to Rs. 10.00 lacs

  • CA Certified two years Financials
  • Income Tax Return of latest year.
  • Bank account statements for last 6 months
  • Shop Establishment / Gumasta License.

For Loans Above Rs. 10.00 lacs to Rs. 50.00 lacs

  • Financial statement certified by CA for minimum last 2 years.
  • ITR with computation of Income for at least last 2 years.
  • Bank account statements for last 6 months.
  • Self-Declaration for Asset Liability to be obtained duly verified by Branch.

All above documents along with KYC to be obtained.

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Ideal for people
  • Individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Registered Partnership firms, Pvt. Ltd. Co., LLP. ( to ensure continuous flow of business)
  • The scheme is applicable to NEW CUSTOMER ONLY w.e.f. 1st August, 2023.
Good to Know
  • Cosmo Merchant Scheme Loan Above Rs. 5.00 lacs to Rs. 50.00 lacs in form of Working capital to meet the financial needs of businessman.

    1) Working Capital for running business activity smoothly.

    2) The business unit should have been established in the line of business for a minimum period of 3 years and making profit for last 2 years.

    3) Form: Available at Branches